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Juan Pablo Molyneux... Jacques Garcia... Alberto Pinto... David Hicks... Mario Buatta... Caroline Roehm...

Legendary designers, timeless interiors, faultless taste - their work is a signature style of blending colors, fabrics, furniture and significant historical artifacts, creating rooms and homes like no others. The Bill Blass Collection sold at Sotheby's in 2003 epitomized the artful combining of a designer's eye and objects that spanned the fine arts, portraiture, militaria, drawings, architectural models and sculpture.

Where, however, does one find the pieces that define the style?

For almost fifteen years, The Gentleman Soldier, has been assisting design professionals in both America and Europe in finding "just the right piece" for residential and commercial settings. Whether an 18th century flintlock rifle for a Connecticut mantle, a Napoleonic helmet for a New York conference room, a library of finely bound books for a commercial printer's foyer, an historic map for a White House office, a 19th century ship model for a Chicago hotel lobby, an American regimental flag for an Indiana museum entryway, a Native American painted shield for an hotel particulier in Paris, or a Civil War presentation sword for a Midwest governor's office, we have been the source. Unique in the United States, we stand ready to assist design professionals in their most demanding commissions.

The Gentleman Soldier also offers its own design service, specializing in custom wall coverings and the creation of spaces and settings for the display of collections.

Contact us with your requirements. We're at your service in "the fine art of history".