What Others are Saying

"The Gentleman Soldier is not your typical central Indiana antique... shop (but) along the lines of what you would find in Chicago, New York or London... Each piece is museum quality with a rich history... Visiting Arnold's gallery is truly a learning experience."
-  The Indianapolis Star

"Organized in 1823, Hamilton County only evolved into a residential suburb of Indianapolis in recent years (with) the eighth highest gross income in the nation. Noblesville (the county seat) has a few landmarks... such as the atypical antique shop (in a preservation standard restored front) known as The Gentleman Soldier where owner Duane Arnold has collected rare and expensive military related art and antiques..."
-  Restore America with Bob Villa, HGTV

"[The Gentleman Soldier] is one of the most unique stores in the country... filled with the rare and the beautiful. Ask [the owner] about any item in the gallery and Duane Arnold, armed with a PhD, can fire off the context and history... walk the walk with Dr. Arnold and history comes alive."
-  Dick Wolfsie - WISH-TV, Indianapolis CBS Affiliate

"If you want to peruse Duane Arnold's military themed antiques shop, be sure to call ahead. With clients jetting in from around the globe and pieces that could be sitting in a museum, The Gentleman Soldier is only open by appointment... the focus [is] on quality and service."
-  The Indianapolis Business Journal

"With a PhD in history and twenty years of teaching and institutional design in Europe and America, Duane Arnold is at home arranging the display of the museum quality collections of his clients."
-  St. Margaret's Hospital Guild, Indianapolis Decorator Show House

"The superb quality of the gallery... your exceptional expertise... the beautiful custom wallpapers being produced... I can see why clients of taste are working with (The Gentleman Soldier) on their restorations."
-  Peter H. Brink, Vice President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

"The colors, the design, the research... all combine to make your designs spectacular and beautiful."
-  Barbara Tapp, Editor in Chief, Art and Antiques

"Walking room to room in this year's Dream Home, you may feel like you are venturing through the home of a traveling aristocrat... Helmets, full armor and uniforms... dating to Napoleon III provide texture and depth that complement the fine dark-wood paneling and crown moldings (of the home and were placed by) Duane Arnold, owner of the Gentleman Soldier, a Noblesville gallery specializing in museum quality original pieces of (the) 18th and 19th centuries..."
-  Indianapolis Monthly